Earth Healing

Earth Healing

The Earth Healing Series is a published collection of images produced for Earth Healing: Healing the earth to heal ourselves, a book written by Dr Mahdi Mason and winner of the international 2nd Annual Body Mind Spirit Book Award for Environmentalism.

Each of the 16 images were designed specifically to reflect the theme of the book and the chapters within with a focus on Mother Earth at the forefront of the design concept.  "The book informs readers of the many simple and practical ways we can start giving back to the environment on a daily basis - physically and metaphorically. It utilises the wisdom of our indigenous ancestors to encourage us all to start living in harmony with Mother Earth once again."*

"Beautifully illustrated and filled with simple rituals and tips, this unique book should be in every bookcase" - Wellbeing Magazine, Issue 173

All artistic rights were reserved by the artist for reproduction.

*excerpt from Earth Healing.