Colour Me Happy Dessert Bowl - Teal Inner


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The Colour Me Happy Dessert Bowl - Teal Inner is hand-built using midfire clay, underglazed and gloss glazed for shine and strength.  Each bowl is lovingly handmade and hand painted with original designs by Kathy Gardiner using brush underglazes. Every bowl within the collection contains a delicious message in the base of the bowl. 


  • Vibrant hand painted bowl/cup of bold contrasting patch colour ways. Featuring a white inner bowl with a teal hand painted delicious message of "Yum or Nom" in a scallop circular border
  • Each bowl stands upon a pedestal making a perfect stand to hold comfortably within the hand or on the table top.
  • Measuring approx.  95mm (diameter), 85mm (inner diameter), 75-80mm (height).
  • Weighs approx. 230g
  • This vessel is water tight and is food and microwave safe.
  • No two pieces are the same.
  • Spoons sold separately.

Colourfully vibrant, each dessert bowl is designed to add a bit of fun to your tableware. Hidden messages in the base of each bowl nod to the enjoyment of the delicacy consumed.  Designed as a desert bowl / cup to enjoy icecream, puddings, desserts or even your morning granola - or a big goblet for those harder days (am I right?). Colour Me Happy joyfully embraces the fun side of life where being a bit extra is totally okay and gives you the permission to say, "I don't mind if I do"!

Pair with matching Colour Me Happy Dessert Spoons. Choose from the mini bud vases, plates of more from the Colour Me Happy Collection.

Every piece in this collection is individually handmade, shaped, cut and stamped by the artist. No two pieces are exactly the same! Each piece differs slightly in size, shape and detailing. Actual colours may differ from image on the screen. Please allow for minor imperfections; these do not effect the piece in anyway but only adds to the vessel's originality and uniqueness!

Handmade in Brisbane, Australia

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