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This piece is a SECOND. It has been heavily discounted due to glaze imperfections.

The Darling Bows Fluted Vase is hand-built using midfire clay, underglazed and gloss glazed for shine and strength.  Each plate is lovingly handmade and hand painted with original designs by Kathy Gardiner using brush underglazes. This piece adds a romantic addition to your home décor.


  • Hand painted decorative bow ribbon design with stylised floral accents in Pastel Pink + Red. Featuring three (3) bows around the outer exterior of vase.
  • Fluted opening in contrasting red, cascades into two smaller wavy rows to introduce bow design on main form of body.
  • Contrasting stripes on foot of vase. 
  • Coil hand built.
  • Measuring approx.  108mm (at widest - flute rim), 115mm (height), inner vase opening approx 45mm - flares to 70 mm.
  • Weighs approx. 340g
  • This is a multipurpose functional piece. Can be used as a vase or as a holder of utensils. 
  • This vessel is water tight - glaze imperfections under rim do not effect the functionality of the vase.
  • No two pieces are the same.

IMPERFECTIONS - Several small exposed bubbles in the glaze underneath the rim of the flute can be found on the exterior of the vessel (see images) along with a slight pull away sliver in glaze however these imperfections do not effect the overall functioning of this piece. This vessel is glazed inside and is water tight.

On trend, grown up and glamourous, the Darling Bows design is an elevated handpainted favourite to a youthful adornment. Embrace the rejuvenated love of bows in these ceramic ribbons of beauty.

This piece is the only one of its kind.  However, I am open to remaking this style. Email me at if you would like to place a pre-order for a similar make in this design.

Every piece in this collection is individually handmade, shaped, cut and stamped by the artist. No two pieces are exactly the same! Each piece differs slightly in size, shape and detailing. Actual colours may differ from image on the screen. Please allow for minor imperfections; these do not effect the piece in anyway but only adds to the vessel's originality and uniqueness!

This is truly a unique gift for yourself or a loved one.

Handmade in Brisbane, Australia

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